40 Day Pokémon Challenge | Day 6

Your first starter Pokémon: Charmander

I like charmarnders color




Mad Max: Fury Road.



Plastic Bag Landscapes Made From Vilde Rolfsen

artist on tumblr

The artist Vilde J. Rolfsen, produced landscapes in the colors of the dawn represented using plastic bags. This series “Plastic bag landscapes” seems to represent real landscapes. The artist plays with the form of plastic bags, wrinkles, and lights for a more lifelike effect.



Digital ‘Spectres’ Reveal Invisible-Digital Ethereal
A student has produced a series of vivid photographs that reveal what the networks that keep us connected to the web look like.
The images, created by Luis Hernan from Newcastle University, show spectresof Wi-Fi sweeping and swirling around in bright beams.
They were produced as part of Hernan’s Digital Ethereal project, which aimstobring the invisible world around us to life.


RGB lighting installation by FlynnTalbot

Red, blue and green lights moving across a faceted triangular structure created multicoloured shadows in this installation by Australian lighting specialist Flynn Talbot (+ movie).

Talbot, whose studio focuses on lighting installation design, created a three-sided panel with one surface covered in spiky cardboard structures of up to two metres in length. This piece was mounted onto a wall at the PSAS gallery in Perth, Australia, for the Primary exhibition.


The Ocarina of Time themed update for Hyrule Warriors


English Cream Dachshund 

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Boston Terrier carrying her pup in a backpack.

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